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Thanks to Darrin Cutler for the updates and corrections Whiting & Davis.The average cost of an antique Whiting & Davis Fashion is 1.980472: Whiting & Davis gold mesh evening bag DESIGNED AFTER SCHIAPERELLI Schiaparelli and marked as such.

Moxie was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1884 by Dr. The proximity of the businesses might explain the existence of this bag.

Location 1907: Whiting & Davis Corporation Plainville, Massachusetts Whiting and Davis was established in 1896 when Charles Whiting and Edward P. They began production of their famous metal mesh bags and changed the name of the company.

In 1907, Whiting bought out Davis's interest in the company and incorporated, keeping the company name.

You'll find new bags there of all kinds, in all sizes and styles of metallic mesh, for all sorts of occasions.

Several of the handsomest are genuine "After Schiaparelli" designs.

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Whiting & Davis history on their web site I suspect but have not as yet found conclusive proof that the W&D International label bagan after the company's purchase in 1979 by Taim Management of Australia.

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