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There is a population of 10,500 people living in the Mallow area.

The town has seen rapid growth in recent years between both residential estates and businesses. It's easy to commute to as it's located near the main N20 motorway, making it very accessible for people traveling by car.

The spa house in the town is another famous landmark, dating back to the 17th century, this house was widely known as a popular destination for holiday makers who travelled a far distance to enjoy the atmosphere of the house.

Mallow is quite close to the Blackwater River, which an excellent destination for those who enjoy angling and fishing.

Also, the Mallow Racecourse is located just on the outskirts of the town.

Each year the Mallow races are held, drawing a huge crowd of horse racing lovers.

This is great for local businesses, restaurants and B&B's as it has a positive impact on the local economy of both Mallow and north Cork.

Joan Denise Moriarty, who was involved in the world of ballet and became a national figure, was born at broom lane in Mallow.Local residents and businesses sell their fresh and baked goodies and its the prefect place to buy something nice and sweet!Mallow has a wide range of restaurants, pubs, schools, churches and leisure centres, and a fantastic state of the art GAA complex.Donerail Park and Estate is in close proximity to Mallow and is a nice spot for a leisurely stroll around the grounds.Mallow has had its fair share of famous faces that are originally from the town.

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In the 12th century a new castle was built on site by the Desmond Fitzgerald family.

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