Online dating short film

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Online dating short film

When it comes to storytelling, one of the tried and tested techniques for making your audience identify and connect with your narrative, is making it somewhat relatable to their lives.And when it comes to accessible topics – they don’t come much more identifiable than romance.There's even an eggplant pic tent where the curtain's drawn open as a man flashes a camera.That ride represents Hinge's research, which found 70 percent of women who use dating apps have received sexually explicit messages. One sign points carnival-goers to head left to be ghosted or go right to the Mystery Kiss and the Wheel of Disappointment.The two meet through an online dating site but things take an unexpected turn, when the girl informs the boy that she is pregnant.But that's not where the twist ends, the girl also reveals that she's pregnant with the boy's baby.The game restarts with another girl that's clearly not his type.Finally, he arrives at a secret door in the back, backlit with Hinge's logo and leads to a utopian world of couples where the carnival of dating hell is replaced with parks, ponds and plenty of love.

Finally, our hero meets his match—without even needing to swipe.

The film moves along but not without imparting an important lesson.

It is definitely a good watch for all those who often find themselves in the crossroads of pop culture and the demands that come along with leading this fast-paced life.

In one particularly sad moment, the film's hero moves on through the park—past all the games and the conveyor belt of people being swapped in and out—to find another game called It's a Match where a pretty girl stands sadly on the other side of the booth, waiting to be swiped.

The man swipes right, and just as they reach out to hold hands, a wooden board (bearing a devilish demon that looks strikingly similar to Tinder's logo) blocks their bliss.

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The new version of the app, which will replace the free model with a $7-per-month subscription (after three months of free trials), takes some inspiration from Instagram by allowing those who match to comment on the photos a user has posted as a way to engage more organically.

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