Dating age laws pa

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Dating age laws pa

"There's no such thing as a retirement in my future," Seibert says.

She was also celebrating an anniversary: 15 years of "kicking butt," as she describes it, and collecting several industry awards for her work.

Cindy Levering is the volunteer chair of the pension research team at the Society of Actuaries, which conducted a 2013 study that asked recently retired people why they left their jobs.

"People who had retired voluntarily — it turned out it wasn't so voluntary," she says. Some said employers were setting unrealistic goals.

Another notable event soon followed: her termination.

In May 2013, Mednick says, she was pushed out the door. See also: Quiz: Can you spot age discrimination in the workplace?

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En español | The signs at first are disguised, then painfully apparent, they say. Invitations to weekly and monthly meetings are no longer forthcoming.

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